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Hey it's been a bit! Here's a Komaeda because I wanted to use pens and markers again!


Haven't used Wateefall in over a year hopefully going to start using it and pf soon

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I hate my job so much

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They treat me like shit but I make good fucking money and nobody else is so ¯(ツ)

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Should I dump all of my feelings out on waterfall where nobody I know is on?


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so you like to play games, huh?

annetalope asked:

For the ask meme, obvs Homestuck and FMA (:

FMA: Definietly to live a peaceful life in California with the person I love the most! I'm currently saving up for the move to Cali with the job I currently have It'll be a while but I'm still striving for it!

Homestuck: Yes! Going on anti-depressants is what changed my life I definitely wouldn't be where I'm at rn if I hadn't

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a fantroll! jumini babygirl

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B33 < you are doing great and im so proud of you!

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Fandom Themed Asks!

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Sailor Moon: What is your idea of genuine love? Have you ever felt this love?

Fullmetal Alchemist: What do you aspire most for in life? How close do you think you are to attaining this goal, and how will you achieve it?

Over the Garden Wall: What are your thoughts on death? Does it frighten you? Do you believe in life after death?

She-Ra: Have you ever had a life-changing revelation? Something you realized that changed your outlook on life? How has it affect you?

Avatar the Last Airbender: What environment/atmosphere puts you in the best mood/motivates you? Rainy days? Cool autumn evenings? Cafes?

Moomin: What season is your favorite and why? What do you enjoy doing during this season?

Dororo: In what ways do you prefer to show affection? Through words? With gifts? Cuddles?

Boku no Hero Academia: Who in your life do you think has positively impacted you the most? What moment with this person do you recall most vividly?

Steven Universe: Do you prefer stargazing, cloud gazing, or gazing at the ocean?

Naruto: In what ways are you most satisfied about your development as a person? Have you become Kinder? Happier? Wiser?

Gravity Falls: Do you have a favorite cryptid or urban legend? Do you enjoy creepy things?

Marvel: What qualities do you value most in a friend?

DC Comics: If you could live in any fictional world, be it from a TV series, movie or book, what would it be?

Star vs. Forces of Evil: If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?

90s Anime: Tell us about a life changing event and how you’re adjusting to it.

Pokemon: What's your favorite animal? What is it about this creature that makes you drawn to it? Could you see yourself having this animal as a pet?

Homestuck: Have you ever had to make a decision that changed your life? What was it and how are things different?

Haikyuu: What is your favorite passtime/hobby? Would you ever hope to make a career out of it?

Dragon Prince: If you could have a familiar, what creature would you want it to take form of?

Yuuri on Ice: What helps put you at ease when you're troubled? A cup of tea? Taking a walk? Reading?

Carole and Tuesday: What's your favorite kind of music? What kind of music can you absolutely not stand?

Voltron: Do you have any theories about the Universe and existence, be them your own or someone elses?

Legend of Korra: If you could posess one elemental power, what would it be and why?

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a mood.

(dont tag this one as kin)

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trans rights are human rights

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This is not a dashboard. This is Waterfall. It is a splashboard

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Posting some old art to get this bitch blog goin

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Here's a Davekat sketch I just finished. I may finish this later but so far I'm proud of this.

I don't really watch Star Vs but.....Eclipsa if you're out there...I love you so much.

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I call the spell which has no name

My mothers gift with which she reigned

Eclipse my heart with rightful power

Stand before the queen and cower


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I drew this before the season finale, I won’t spoil anything yet, but I just really love Globgor and he deserves the best.


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